What do we offer?

Soon you will find that half the population in your locality will be fifty plus.

Academic Services

We provide services and support to any academic establishment providing courses in Social Work, Nursing Practice, and Occupational Therapy. We have previously worked alongside the University of Lancaster to provide assistance in their BA and MA Teaching on Age and Ageing, and Disability Studies courses.

Network Services

Creation, Management and Development of Local and Regional networks to assist Professional Managers and Elected Local Authority Councillors manage the change brought about by the Ageing Population.

Policy and Development

We can assist with the initial scoping and design of strategy initiatives for older or disabled people. We can provide consultation support to officers and older people involved in the design and delivery systems for any strategy.

Engagement with Older People

Engagement - The Older Persons view.

"Every time they talk to us but they don't listen to us. They never realise that listening and hearing aren't the same thing. You know, they just don't get it listening hearing that's why they get it wrong"

"This Engagement. When it works is just like a car. You turn on the ignition. Press the clutch and engage gear and then it starts to move. It's all one thing and you are part of it. You know what I mean it's not just stuck onto it each bit works because the other bit works. Then this engagement is great"

Ageconsulting can help your organisation have engagement as part of its DNA.

About David Halpin MBE

David is the owner and primary consultant at AgeConsulting. As a result of a spinal cord injury he had been a wheelchair user since 1959.

David project managed one of the first UK Whole System Strategy for Lancashire County Council designed to respond to Our Ageing Population. The strategy was a major contribution to the County Council receiving a Beacon Award.

David was also seconded to the Better Government for Older People Programme As North West Regional Manager with national lead responsibility for Fire and Rescue Services, Police Services and Offender Service. David was seconded to BGOP because of his skills in working with isolated and excluded older people.

David at work

David is currently the independent member for Future North West the DWP Regional Forum on Age and Ageing.

David also assisted Manchester City Council in an advisory capacity with their Older People Strategy and is currently working with South Ribble Borough Council to help the Local Authority develop a response to the rise in social isolation and loneliness among older people.

Working along side others, David has helped to apply a Social Model of Disability to a range of settings particularly in the public sector.

David was awarded an MBE in 2010 for his work with disabled and older people, together with his contribution to a Chief Fire Association National Strategy designed to reduce fire death and injury among older people in their homes.


"David has been a long time supporter and contributor to the qualifying social work programmes at Lancaster University. He is a regular guest lecturer on the policy and practice implications of an ageing population. David has also contributed to curriculum development, the recruitment of students and the assessment of their practice learning through his membership of our practice assessment panel. David has also supported students to work in collaboration with older people during their dissertations. Students value his extensive experience as a user of social care services, of social work practice and management and of policy development as well as his perceptive sense of humour."

Hannah Morgan
Senior Lecturer Social Work
Sociology Department Lancaster University